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Research & Development

"Breaking new ground, constantly improving the existing and remaining a step ahead", is our motto that has made us one of the most innovative manufacturers in this field.

    Outstanding products invented by GEDA testify to this, e.g.:
  • the GEDA-lift sold over 45.000 times
  • the 1996 newly invented transport platform (hoist) for persons and loads - today to be found at any construction site.

Being the innovation leader is our challenge. To open up new demand and product potentials as well as subjecting established products to continuous improvement procedures rank first among our objectives. Our organisation and methods are focused on strengthening our hold on the market. Large-scale and continuous market studies at home and abroad open up new approaches to problems, which we verify by way of permanent exchange of views with our customers and users. They are directly integrated into our product development. Continuous improvement is our guarantee for our claim to market leadership.

The new product range "Permanent Installations" is planned to be the new standing leg for the medium term. At first, Building Maintenance Units were developed.

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