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GEDA Maxi 150 S

The GEDA-MAXI 150 S is simply anchored to the lower part of the scaffold, only the lightweight swivel arm is attached to the scaffold above, at the required height. The maximum working height amounts to 40m, with a higher placed winch up to 76m!

Two kinds of lifting speeds, an overload protection, a slack rope switch and various load suspension devices make these fast elevators for scaffold construction ideal aids for an efficient and nevertheless safe transport of scaffold parts and building material.

Scaffold construction hoist:

  • Carrying power 150 kg
  • 2 lifting speeds: 15/45 m/min.
  • Electro winch: 0,45/1,35 kW/230 V/50 Hz
    • Standard equipment consisting of:

      • 51 m traction rope, rope weight with ball-bearing hook (Non-twisting device - prevents the rope from twisting) or 81 m traction rope with additional rope weight, ball-bearing hook (Non-twisting device - prevents the rope from twisting)
      • Control system with emergency stop callipers and 10m supply cable
      • sturdy casing box with integrated electricity, galvanized support structure
      • automatic limit stop above and below
      • delimitation against elevator and scaffold overload overstress
      • low empty weight, fast assembly, easy shifting

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